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New National Party Raises Alarm on Open Assault on Democracy in Grenada

The New National Party (NNP) is deeply concerned about the recent actions of the Government of Grenada, led by the Honorable Dickon Mitchell, which represent an open assault on democracy and a direct violation of the principles of transparency and accountability. For the first time in modern Grenadian history, the government is barring reporters and photographers from the swearing-in of new cabinet ministers, signaling a troubling move towards information control and suppression of the free press.

This event is not an isolated incident but part of a concerning pattern. The media was previously barred from the Jonty Robinson court hearing, and the Government has dismantled the weekly post-cabinet press briefing, shifting to a communication strategy where information is dispensed on a ‘need to know basis.’ These actions stand in stark contrast to the government’s promises of free access to information made during the election campaign.

The New National Party believes that such actions set a dangerous precedent reminiscent of repressive regimes and are fundamentally at odds with the democratic values that the Grenadian people hold dear. The lack of independent press coverage not only undermines the role of the media as the fourth pillar of democracy but also hinders the public’s right to be informed about government proceedings and decisions.

We remind the Government of its duty to uphold democratic principles and the rights of its citizens. The NNP calls for immediate action to reverse these undemocratic practices and restore transparency and accountability. We urge international bodies, human rights organizations, and all stakeholders committed to democratic governance to join us in condemning these actions and supporting the people of Grenada in their right to a free and independent press.

The New National Party remains steadfast in its commitment to defending democracy and will continue to stand with the people of Grenada in these troubling times. We believe that only through collective vigilance and action can we safeguard our democracy and ensure that such assaults on our freedom do not go unchallenged.

The New National Party Secretariat

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