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  1. Hello, I’m a Youtuber, I’m making a video about a Caribbean football match in 1994, between Grenada and Barbados, at this time, a man named “James Clarkson” was the coach of Grenada.
    I saw on your site an article about a man named “James Clarkson” (https: // spiceislander .com /? p = 8984), it’s him ? The same man ? Was he coach of Grenada in 1994?
    Because there is a “James Clarkson” who was the coach of this team this year, and I want to know if he’s the one you’re talking about.
    I found a photo on an article that tells the same thing as you (https://www.nowgrenada.com/2013/06/james-clarkson-to-be-honoured -during-naniki-caribbean-jazz-safari /), so it’s about him you’re talking about , and I want to know if he was the coach of Granada in 1994, in order to use it in my video, thank you

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