Letter from a reader – Victim of robbery in Grenada West Indies Jan 26, 2012

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To whom it may concern,

My husband was a victim of robbery on 1/26/2012 at 3:10am inside his apartment. He is a student at SGU and the incident occurred at the apt right next to Options (True Blue.)

Two men broke into his apartment with long knives and threaten to kill him and tied him up with duct tape while they open up the entire apt. They took all his IDs, Money, and electricity stuffs: laptop, ipod, three cell phones, camera, etc.
As of today, I do not see any kinds of information relating the robbery was reported to local people or even students, so I though I should at least send you a message so people can be alerted.

These two men are not captured yet, I am doing this because these two men threaten my husband that they will come back for more money so they threw my husband ATM card back and told him to better get more cash.

If we can get the news out, we might be able get some tips lead to the arrest of these two men.

I sincere appreciate for your time and help in advance.


Best Regards,
Haruko K


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