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My name is Cherrian Matthew Snagg, my mother was Theresa Matthew from Maran, St. John.  I dont know if you remember her, she died on July 28, 2010.  You had treated her for cancer in her breast and since you left she started grieving.  When they send you away she called everywhere trying to defend you but she was not able to help you.
Last year she went to clinic and she said to me that she will not be going back because they were not examining her properly and it is not like when she use to visit you, and Doctor within a couple months the cancer spread to her lungs, liver, bones and ovaries I think it went to her brain as well because before she died she went in a coma a few days before she died.  If they had done a thorough check up they would of picked up that the cancer was back last year and maybe try and treat her but the cancer went untreated for the whole year, I kept asking her if the blood and chest result was good and she kept telling me yes becasue they did not tell her anything but now she is gone.
I cannot tell you how I am coping because to put in words I will be lying, this is so painful that am just holding on my God’s grace and mercy.   I keep thinking that i should of done more to try and reach you, my mom was all i had and my kids were so close to her, I cant even comfort them cause am feeling so hurt for myself.  I know there is nothing you can do now, but I just want to tell you that she really loved you as her doctor and since you left she was not the brave woman she use to be, she gave up and once we give up in life you dead.  I saw my mom gave up and now she is not here with me and I dont know how to move on.  I was speaking to someone about you and they said I should call Mrs. Antoine I did and she gave me your email address.  
I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for my mother and I hope that God will bless and keep you.  Contiune to be a great doctor and help people. If you cannot remember my mom, you came to her home in Maran and got her when you were starting your clinic.  It was she and I you met.  I know if you were still coming here she would of been alive today.  I hate this Government because not only my mom that died lots of your cancer patients are dying.  
Take best care and please let me know if you received this mail
As you all may recall Dr. Niamatali was relieved of his duties shortly after the NDC came into Office. Despite public rantings by the Minister of Health Hon. Ann Peters about Dr. Niamatali’s Salary it must be noted that Dr. Niamatali salary was being paid by Digicel Grenada and the Government of Ireland. 


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