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Dear Editor,

We the members of the constituency of St. George South East are very concerned and have great difficulty in understanding why after two weeks we are yet to hear anything from the mainstream media with the exception of CC6 News Network and MTV about the verdict handed down by the three Appellate Judges in New York in the lawsuit against Gregory Bowen and the state of Grenada brought by Jack Grynberg alleging bribery and demanding US$500 million in compensation from the state for terminating his oil and gas exploration agreement.

It must be noted that when the news broke about this case and even before contacting the then Minister as the agent of the State, it automatically became breaking news on all the media outlets, especially on GBN and the Grenada Today newspaper. It must also be noted the numerous times that this case was the main topic for discussion on the Beyond the Headlines programme on GBN Monday nights and George grant Sunday morning programme, and the many articles that were written in the Grenada Today by its editor George Worme, Lloyd Noel and others, accusing Gregory Bowen and the NNP Government of corruption.

Some of the top legal luminaries were also on these programmes predicting victory for Grynberg, jail term for Gregory Bowen and severe economic strain on the backs of Grenadians from having to pay Grynberg US$500million plus all the legal costs. In other words, Gregory Bowen was accused tried and convicted by most of the lawyers, part of the clergy, the now defunct Civil Society, the trade Unions hierarchy and most importantly the NDC who was then the official Opposition, now the Governing party, in a grand, malicious, vicious and despicable scheme to destroy the NNP and its leadership.

The conspirators achieved their goal on July 8th 2008 with the defeat of the NNP and Gregory Bowen at the polls in the general elections. Bowen’s loss was as a result of this particular lawsuit and the false allegations therein which placed serious doubts in the minds of voters about his integrity. They had no scruples – even dragging his family into the mud.

Now that the Court of Appeals in NY working under the guidelines of the Supreme Court of the United States has categorically vindicated Gregory Bowen and chastised Grynberg for his dirty tactics, and affirmed that the lawsuit is de facto against the State, the people of St. George South East and Grenada as a whole, call on the Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, the Finance Minister Nazim Burke, Lloyd Noel, Anslem Clouden, Reynold Benjamin and others to come out of their closets and publicly apologize to Gregory Bowen. Further we demand that Government pay and/or reimburse all the costs associated with the legal defense in the case as a beginning of the repentance process.

Mr. Simplicity

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  1. gus, 7 years ago

    Don’t worry. its only one term for these malicious culprits

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