NNP Perspective – NDC – The National Demolition Congress – Part 1

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For the last sixteen months, the NDC (National Demolition Congress) has been on the rampage leaving many Grenadians to describe this period as the worse era in the lives of Grenadians. No event, no disaster and certainly no past administration have wrecked such havoc upon the people as this present administration has been doing and continues to do.

In the bible it is said that ‘the thief cometh not but for to kill, steal and destroy…” This clearly describes the actions of the National Demolition Congress (NDC). Since forming the Government, they stole thousands of jobs from ordinary Grenadians leaving many incapable of putting food on their table. They killed the hopes of many Grenadians both young and old and they have been destroying this country in every sense of the word.

There is not a group of Grenadians that can honestly say that the NDC have impacted their lives positively over the last 16 months. The fishermen, the bus owners, taxi men, public workers, construction workers, shop keepers, Imani workers, nurses, doctors, road workers, the elderly, the youths, students, just about everyone have been feeling the pain under the NDC since they assumed office. While many of these persons voted for the NDC in the last general elections they themselves are now openly confessing that this was one of the biggest mistakes they have made.

With the rising food prices on the international market affecting Grenada the NNP administration swiftly moved to implement and expand safety net programmes. On assuming office the NDC Administration removed most of the safety net programs that brought relief to the poor and vulnerable Grenadian. These programs were condemned & criticized when they were in opposition. However, the NDC promised to expand and increase many of these programmes if they won the elections. Instead of seeking the interest of the poor they moved hastily to get rid of these programs and to replace them with nothing. Programs like the Free Milk Programme, the Food Basket Programme, Transportation Allowance Programme for needy students, the House Repair Programme and the Public Assistance Programme for the elderly are only a few of the programmes from which the poor people of Grenada benefited under the NNP.

Another sector in which the demolition crew is fast at work is the Agriculture Sector. Despite the NDC’s cries while in Opposition that the NNP had neglected Agriculture and that they had a plan to resuscitate the agriculture sector, we have seen the plan at work through the removal of small loan programmes for farmers and the fishermen fund through which farmers and fishermen were provided with financial assistance. There has been a drastic increase in the cost of fertilizers and the reduction in the amount of fertilizer available to farmers. Farmers now have no representation in Parliament as their representative is more interested in protecting the Government he campaigned for. His real interest remains politics rather than the well being of the farmers. Imagine after 16 months in office with highly paid advisors and coordinators and a plan for the resuscitation of the Agricultural sector, Grenada now has to import bananas from St. Vincent.

In the Education System, the National Demolition Crew (NDC) is also busy at work making a total mockery of the system. They reduced the number of books provided to Secondary School Students, removed Uniform Vouchers Programme, which once aided poor and vulnerable Grenadians. All of this was replaced with the controversial free school book program – another DISASTER of the NDC. As a result of this new programme some parents now have to spend more on books than they did under the NNP. After 16 months in office children still have to go for an entire term before they receive their books. These children were accustom to having their books during the August vacation. To add insult to injury, the Government has decided to provide books to all Grenadians whether they can afford to buy them or not. At the same time some students are unable to go to school because they cannot afford to pay the bus or buy the uniform. This calls into question the thinking and the policy of the NDC administration.

The Demolition Congress rather than stimulate the economy and create jobs for the unemployed have played political games which resulted in thousands of Imani’s sent home. Many businesses have closed down with hundreds of workers now unemployed. Hundreds of workers have been sent home because of political victimization or inability of the Government to manage the economy.

In addition, we have seen the NDC discourage investment in the country, through their attacks on investors both foreign and local. As a result many projects have been discontinued resulting in the loss of thousands of new jobs for Grenadians.

The destruction of the NDC extends to the Health sector. With the recent outbreak of the swine flu virus we saw the NDC trying to cover up the fact that there were cases in the country. Even when members of the hospital staff were showing symptoms of the virus nothing was being done by the NDC to calm the fears of people. Since the NDC coming into office, there has been an increase in the cost of medication, while support services offered to the poor and vulnerable under the NNP administration have been either drastically reduced or in some cases discontinued. Sadly, many people have died due to the lack of proper health care, the total disregard for the sick and mismanagement by the NDC. The support services for cancer and dialysis patients were removed so that patients had to travel overseas to receive treatment. This could have been avoided had the NDC not cancel arrangements with a local company to provide the service here in Grenada. Whilst the health situation is quickly deteriorating in the country the focus of the administration seems to be the construction of a New Hospital.

Indeed the National Demolition Congress continues to kill, steal and destroy everything in its path. Members of the NDC have denounced the Almighty, and cried out that his name was being referred to too often by a member of the Opposition in Parliament. They have removed allocations for the churches from the 2009 budget. Even before assuming office they made a mockery of the word of God and the story of his chosen one – Jonah. The Opposition believes that the hand of the Almighty is against the National Demolition Congress (NDC). It is no wonder that things have been they way they have been since July 8th 2008 and are only getting worse. We are convinced that things will only get worst until the day of redemption comes from the Almighty.

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