FIFA Women’s Com-Unity Seminar for Grenada

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The Grenada Football Association (GFA) is making a greater push to raise the awareness and to promote women’s football in Grenada.

The GFA is collaborating with football’s world governing body, FIFA, to host a Women’s Football Com-Unity Seminar from October 16-19, 2013.

The seminar, to be held at the National Stadium, is aimed at promoting women’s and girls’ football at the community level and to foster cooperation with government and non-governmental institutions, the private sector, the media and other stakeholders.

The GFA is also hoping that the seminar will create opportunities for female players, coaches, referees and officials to become actively involved in the sport of football.

During the four days, participants will learn best practice from case studies and examples from other countries that have successfully initiated and executed women’s football development programmes, as well as increase their knowledge on the standard and status of women’s football both internationally and domestically.

The seminar is also hoping to generate ideas for the development and progress of women’s football in Grenada.

The participants will also learn key principles in the promotion of women’s football and increase media coverage.

“Traditionally, football has been a male dominated sport in Grenada but this is fast changing and the GFA has to keep up with the changes as well as implement programmes as designated by FIFA,” said Bernadine Andrew, a member of GFA’s Committee for Women’s Football.

The activity will conclude on Saturday October 19, with a Girls’ Football Festival at the National Stadium involving more than 100 under 15 girls to demonstrate the growth of women’s football in Grenada as well as sensitise girls from an early age to get involved in football.

FIFA provides financial assistance to all its member associations and the confederations through the Financial Assistance Programme (FAP) for projects and programmes. It has also mandated that at least 15 per cent of FAP funds must be used for women’s football.

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