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St. George’s Grenada, 16th November, 2012– The Royal Grenada Police force is carrying out public sensitization programs on drunken and disorderly conduct and taking a tougher stand on offenders.

 The police say that drunkenness and the conduct that results have plagued the Grenadian society for quite some time. They are now trying to educate the public on the laws that govern such conduct.

Section 124 chapter 1 of criminal code states “whoever is drunk and behaves violently and indecently in any public place or is dunk on the premise of any person to the annoyance or disturbance of that person or any person who lives on the same premise shall be liable to a fine.”

Constable Emmon Duprey, of the Community Relations Department of the RGPF said although disorderly behavior of persons who are intoxicated is quite prevalent, few arrests have been made.

He explained however that if a person commits an offence while drunk they can be arrested and charged after they have sobered adding that being intoxicated cannot be used as an excuse in the court.

At the moment, the RGPF does not have breathalyzers but the Constable is hopeful that this measure can be implemented in the future. For now its left up to the discretion of the police officers.

Constable Duprey said in the meantime, persons who consume alcohol should be responsible enough to know their drinking limit, “because at the end of the day if you would have gotten too drunk and would have done something which could get you into trouble you cannot hold the sellers accountable.”

He emphasized that the public need to sensitize themselves and others on the consequences of drunken and disorderly behavior as the onus can’t solely be on the enforcement authority.

He said, “we are now sending the message to you, that it is a criminal offence to behave drunk or disorderly…we are hoping, that some persons can take this and sell it, because at the end of the day it is all for the benefit of this country, to make sure that it is safe and secure”

He added that business persons whole sell liquor can also be called to account as there is a section of the law that also holds them responsible for drunken conduct.

Section 126 chapter 1, of the same criminal code states that, “every owner or occupier and any person in employment of any owner or occupier of any house, shop, room or other place of public resort where liquor or any refreshment of any kind are sold or consumed whether the same be kept for retail or procured elsewhere…shall be liable to a charge.”

Constable Duprey ended by saying, “I really do hope that persons take heed of their actions …because what happens as a result can be really serious.”

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