FCC Shut down Brooklyn Pirate Radio Station

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The FCC  raided an FM gospel radio station operating in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday.  The station has been illegally operating for almost one year providing 24 hours of gospel programming.

The FCC is planning to respond to every single complaint about a pirate station. Working with law enforcement, they will be raiding every pirate station and seizing all broadcasting equipment.

Owners will be fined $10,000 which will automatically be deducted from bank accounts, and they will be immediately arrested. The airwaves in places like Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Miami, etc will have a lot less interference. The mass raid will most likely take place in a span of only 24 hours. Obviously, they’re not going to announce when the raid will be, but it will be sometime soon.

After the mass raid, the FCC will revamp their infrastructure to speed up the shutdown of pirates in the future. Within 24 hours of any complaint, field agents will determine the source of the pirate broadcast and immediately summon the police to raid the station. Raids will happen at any time, even at 3:00 AM on a Sunday night.

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  1. John Anderson, 6 years ago

    There is absolutely no confirmation that a major sweep or enforcement re-vamp is underway or in the works for NYC, much less nationwide…and even if one was tried, there’s no real hope to fully clear the FM band.

    NYC and Miami are pirate hot-spots: always have been, always will be. Even though NY is considering criminalizing pirate radio at the state level, look at how well that’s worked out for FL and NJ, years on.

  2. Jerry, 6 years ago

    So Dannie, does that give them christians to break the law. As someone said is it ok to drive a car without a drivers license or is it ok to carry a gun without a license?
    I listen to that station and they bring shame to christians everywhere. They are just trying to make a quick buck.

  3. Dannie, 6 years ago

    I have read all of the other comments. My addition to the issues is a few questions: a)does any of us know how much it cost to set up and to operate a radio station? b) do we know how difficult it is to get a licence to operate one? c) will pioneers be given a licence without first setting up a temporary operation? d) is the FCC given out licences even when organizations meet the requirements? e) who is profitting the most by the Fcc’s red tapes and refusal to readily give licence for community radio?

  4. Jerry, 6 years ago

    Maxine, I agree with you those people responsible for that station did more harm to the gospel than good. The kind of madness I listen daily make me feel bad as a christian.
    I understand that the two persons in charge are two recording artist who are trying to promote their music and put on big concert weekly, pulling in big dollars.

  5. Maxine, 6 years ago

    Thr station VOP operating out of Brooklyn had a number of bigwig ministers broadcasting on it. Are you telling me they didn’t know the station wasn’t licensed? They saw it as an easy way to increase church membership. Christians have to be careful that they don’t use the name of Jesus for their own personal gain. They condemm the drug dealers, burglars etc for breaking the law yet they themselves
    are law breakers and are encouraging illegal acts. The so-called owners of the station were making big money. How are different from the drug dealers? If they really want an authentic radio station for ministry then pool their resources and fund one. You can’t be saying the station was meant to spread the gospel and charge so much money to advertise and host programs. Come on Christians!

  6. jill, 6 years ago

    Those Christains were pimpimg the gospel. It was a money making affair with some rude mouth announcers who played on the psychi of mainly Caribbean people. This is not to say that some of the programs were not a blessing but the public was fooled.The law is the law and Christians especially should be upholding the law not breaking it to make money. God doesn’t like ugly.

  7. Les, 6 years ago

    Here in London England we have over 120 pirates operating on the FM Band according to OFCOM. There is interference to legitimate stations both commercial and BBC.

    I don’t know what the situation is in the states, but OFCOM which is the British equivalent of the FCC, has trouble trying to trace the stations back to the studio locations.

    Most pirates in London use 10 GHz Microwave links to a remote transmitter location. In some cases the pirates use a midpoint 10 GHz link, so OFCOM spend hours if not days trying to track these links from the transmitter location back to the studio only to find a midpoint link on an apartment block between the transmitter and studio.

    The actual transmitters are easily traceable to high locations which are mobile phone masts or high rise apartment blocks. The transmitters are frequently removed by OFCOM, but in most cases the transmitters are replaced by the pirates within a few hours and they are back on the air, that is until the next raid by OFCOM which may not be for weeks or months.

    The pirates feel reasonably safe at the studio location because of the difficulty in tracing the Microwave links, but on the odd occasion when the studio has been traced and raided, the court fines in most cases amount to less than $1000 and confiscation of equipment, although there can be a 2 year prison sentence. This is no deterrent to some of the bigger pirate stations that have been operating in London for over 15 years.

    This has been airing in London recently >> http://www.zshare.net/audio/8866731764eb50d9/

  8. Jack Simon, 6 years ago

    I found this article : http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/86939/new-york-bills-would-punish-pirate-radio-operators

    Bills have been introduced in the NEW YORK State Assembly and Senate to make operation of pirate radio stations a class D felony punishable by imprisonment and a fine.
    Assembly Bill 00326, sponsored by Assemblyman GEORGE S. LATIMER (D-91st), and Senate Bill 2737, an identical bill sponsored by Senator STEPHEN M. SALAND (R-41st) and introduced on JANUARY 31st, would punish anyone who “knowingly makes or causes to be made a radio transmission in this State without first having obtained a license or an exemption from licensure from the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION or other applicable federal law or regulation; or acts, whether directly or indirectly, to cause an unauthorized radio transmission to, or interference with, a public or commercial radio transmission to, or interference with, a public or a commercial radio station licensed bu the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION or to enable the radio transmission or interference to occur.”
    The state’s authority to regulate or punish pirate broadcasting has not been tested in court; regulation of broadcasting is generally pre-empted by federal law.

  9. Martin, 6 years ago

    One would think that with the US government being so short of money, that it has better for worthy things to spend its limited resources on than a few harmless pirate stations.

  10. Barry, 6 years ago

    They are back on the air. I understand that they move the transmitter to another location. They are like some fugitives running form the law.

    We sing the song a fugutive from God. Well these so called christians need to read the bible a little slower.

  11. Joe, 6 years ago

    A friend told me he pays $200 per hour to broadcast on that station. This is radio prostitute. And they did not tell the people that they did not have a license.

  12. Susan, 6 years ago

    I cannot understand how people who should be teaching the right thing open violating the law. Is it ok for someone to drive a car without a drivers license. I will like these christians to answer.

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