Mr. Prime Minister do you have your Bingo Card for later?

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This evening as much as one tenth of our population will more than likely make their way down to our National Stadium to part take in our newest national sporting event it is called BINGO. This event will see less than 20 people out of 6000 to 10,000 people actually win anything; BUT somehow our Prime Minister sees this as much more important to our nation than a full Casino project which indeed would not only employ thousands directly and indirectly, but indeed if we were just to go on the numbers would allow a much higher winning percentage to our people.

Personally I think Grenada’s newest sport “BINGO” is indeed well organised by our newest “SPORTS MANAGER”. In no way is my post meant to be crictical of his efforts and indeed I am happy that at least Grenadians are still able to go out to such activities even though the share numbers shows the actual state of DESPERATION that exists, as indeed I am convinced that within a very short time on our present track, this SPORT all will no longer be possible. But in the meantime, can anyone who has a direct link to our Prime Minister please tell me what on earth is the difference in his mind between LOTTO, BINGOS in our National Stadium and legalised Casinos?

The time has come for Grenadians to stop being quiet and start voicing their concerns for surely Grenada cannot survive another 2 years of this miserable road we are travelling down. I am not saying fire the Government, but rather I think it is very important that they hear the truth from its people. The other day I attended a meeting with many very concerned business owners and managers and every single one was deeply concerned about where we are right now as a country, but yet everyone seems so quiet (publicly). It is like we living in the revo days when no one is free to speak their mind.


The time has come for everyone to make a choice, not a choice about NNP OR NDC; but rather a choice about what path do we want to see for our country.

Just imagine our Prime Minister priases the fact that we and Haiti are the only two Caribbean countries that received grants from world organizations this year, as if we should be proud of the fact that we are now considered in a similar position to Haiti in terms of desperation?

Imagine a Prime Minister who stops a project that 80% of the population wants because of his personal religious morals (as if his personal family votes is what put him in office) the same so called morals that would see him allow a new SPORT called PRIVATE BINGO to take the lead in our NATIONAL STADIUM under his watch.

Imagine a country where our Minister of Finance can turn to the people and say we as a country could not afford a 56 million dollar injection into a project that 100% was guaranteed to bring both jobs and revenue into our country while at the same time telling us same people that he was proud of the fact that we as a country were very close to sealing a loan of 100 MILLION for a government owned 100 room hotel; Thats 1 million dollars a room!!!!! Yet no one calling for him to visit the pink house?

Imagine a Government where the hardest working Ministers are continously “run down” by their own leaders because they doing a good job for all rather than for some.

Imagine a country where the Government of the day gives guided tours of our Financial institutions and high paying ADVISORY jobs to CONVICTED AND UNREPENTANT MURDERERS.

Imagine a country where our high ranking Police Officers are forced to approach businesses to warn them of the need for them to employ extra security as the levels of house breaking and business robberies are increasing at alarming rates, yet still our Minister of National Security says things fine?

Imagine a country where our Prime Minister is continously embarassed in public by the person who is supposed to be his right hand? yet he acting as though what the man say is gold.

Imagine a country where 40% of it’s population (and growing daily) is now UNEMPLOYED but yet our Prime Minister say we doing great all things considered.

Imagine a country where young persons with 10 O’level passes are applying for jobs to cut lawn so that they can feed their family; yet still our Prime Minister saying the problem is grenadians don’t want to return home after studying abroad and thats the reason for our brain drain.

Imagine a country where the headlines on our main TV Stations report that the Government has the rodent problem under control with a 50% success rate, but when you listen to the actual story and the journalist interviews a Government person in charge of this department asking him how did they arrive that the problem is under control? The reply by our Government Worker was that they laid 10 traps and they caught 5 MONGOOSE? WHAT THE RARSE!

Imagine a country where our heads of disaster are telling all non essential workers not to go out to work while at the same time anyone with the slightest education can go on the internet and see the damn storm hitting St Lucia at the same time!

The losses to our already fragile economy just for those two days (Saturday and Sunday) was such that the heads of that MADMA should have been FIRED on the spot yet we Prime Minister offering praise.

From today on I refuse as a Grenadian to remain quiet anymore, I perfer let those who want to condemn me do so, but as Grenadians I appeal to each and everyone of you let your voices be heard, we need to say how we feel. I have listenned to the owners of almost every single major business in Grenada say (privately in small groups) this is the worst Government in our history in terms of vision and job creation yet we remain silent publicly.

People! Grenadians! how can we reach so low as a people that we allow ourselves to sit by and allow our national papers to show on their front pages as major headline news, the personal private suffering of our own public servants? Fellow Grenadians, why is it that 2 and a half years ago we can hire a new Government to run our country under the banner of good governance, transparency and honesty; yet still two years ago the whole country know that one of the top Ministers in that Government had his house up for sale first he was BROKES yet a mere 2.5 years later the man building a mansion in one of Grenadas most posh areas plus refurbishing his house and NOT ONE DAMN GRENADIAN asking him publicly where the money come from?

Grenadians have we reached so low as a people that we perfer to see our country in ruins rather than take a chance to speak out against what we know simply cannot be right for our country. My fellow Genadians as we head off to our newest NATIONAL SPORT this evening in our NATIONAL STADIUM, I ask each and every one of you please lend some thought to what is really going on in our Country Today

Bobby Steele

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  1. Saphya, 7 years ago

    Mr. Bobby Steele, I took the time to read your article and your views while they are many- the one about casino is not well researched. This talk about casino in Grenada- while it sounds good on paper does not benefit the Grenadian people as it stands. Please know that it is the investors who stand to gain and gain hugely if they put a casino in grenada at this time. While the immediate gain is employment- we do not have laws in place to govern such a thing as legalize gambling. Who will pay for the casino? What tax break will the investors get?
    1) In what capacity are grenadians going to be employed in the casino?
    maids, maintenance, cooks, servers?
    2) Are they going to be part of the board of investors?
    3) What percentage of the profit is going to goverment?
    4) How much is the casino gambling license going to cost? A typical casino license sells for approximately $40-55 MILLION US DOLLARS. in places as Pennsylvania and New Jersey
    5) Can this license be transfered or resold to other investors?
    6) Will the Grenadian employees get benefits that other foriegn employees will get?

  2. spicemas, 7 years ago

    I don’t agree with a Casino in Grenada. Grenada is too small and the damage would be irreversibe. Where would the money be going? To the people of Grenada or somewhere else.

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